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SPRINT Launch  – July 2021 Newsletter

SPRINT Launch – July 2021 Newsletter

A big blessing about being a missionary is sharing your heart and vision for ministry… Yet, at times missionaries experience a significant reduction of support which impacts their family and ministry. To assist our underfunded missionaries, we recently launched SPRINT (Support Raising In Teams)…

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Nick Boldly Shared – May 2021 Newsletter

Nick Boldly Shared – May 2021 Newsletter

Yesterday evening, our friend Nick was kidnapped by his family again and interrogated about his faith… He responded, “If this is my time to die, then I will die. But I have peace in my heart because I have found the truth.” His family then grabbed him and led him out of the house to stone him. As they led him away from the house, Nick closed his eyes and began to pray in the Spirit…

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“Today they learn, tomorrow they lead”

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