Gender Identity

Hundreds of thousands of students have arrived on university campuses across our nation. They come with hopes and dreams for building friendships, enjoying campus life, and building a future career. Many come with struggles in their heart, trying to find their identity. And today, that includes sexual identity. More than ever before, the enemy has mounted a cataclysmic attack of confusion and injury in this area. But thanks be to God for his Spirit and truth. He goes to the depth of hearts and transforms lives. God longs for us to be carriers of his truth for healing, hope, and restoration. We are passionate to share his truth to this new generation of collegians on campus.

Here’s a testimony from Virginia Tech Chi Alpha.

“C (yes, C) was a gender nonconforming transgender student who desperately needed Jesus. He was an abrasive atheist, so many Christians felt intimidated to reach out to him.

Chi Alpha has a coffee cart outreach that sets up on campus. The whole idea is to connect with students who otherwise wouldn’t attend a ministry event. C began getting coffee from us, saying “Usually I hate Christians, but you guys are cool.”

Through simply being kind and creating space for conversations with C, the Gospel entered his soul. He came back to our cart proclaiming he loved Jesus and now believes in His teachings and is attending church! Please pray for C that he will find the fullness of healing and identity in Jesus Christ. 


Gregg’s Greeting

I’m so excited about this new school year! Your partnership enables me to equip and send new missionaries to pioneer Chi Alpha ministries across America. Please pray with us for God’s truth to prevail, that his love and light will radically change students’ lives this fall semester.

We love and appreciate you! Gregg-and-Erin-Glutting-National-Chi-Alpha-Campus-Ministries-Field-Resource-Support-Coach-and-Trainer-400
Gregg and Erin Glutting

National Field Resource
National Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Support Coach and Training Specialist


Mobilizing Leaders to Reach Collegians for Christ!

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