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NickIn western culture, we have freedoms of faith that other families may not have. In Chi Alpha, we have a great opportunity to share the gospel with international students on campus. Sometimes they follow Christ with great personal peril. A Chi Alpha missionary shared a recent story below; the student’s name has been changed.

Yesterday evening, our friend Nick was kidnapped by his family again and interrogated about his faith. Nick boldly shared with them that he follows Jesus and even challenged them to seek the truth for themselves. They then threatened that this was his last chance and that they were going to stone him. He responded, “If this is my time to die, then I will die. But I have peace in my heart because I have found the truth.” His family then grabbed him and led him out of the house to stone him. As they led him away from the house, Nick closed his eyes and began to pray in the Spirit.

Suddenly, he felt the hands of his captors release him. He opened his eyes, and all the people that were surrounding him were running away and scattered. Nick didn’t see anything and had no idea why they were running away. But he believes they possibly saw a glimpse of something in the spiritual realm surrounding them that night. Nick knew God was with him and showed Himself faithful.

He responded, “If this is my time to die, then I will die. But I have peace in my heart because I have found the truth.”

Prayer is vital; we are in a battle as believers, especially students from families that are hostile to the gospel. Please pray for our campus leaders, students, and international students, for protection and boldness to live strong for the Lord Jesus.

Discipling Missionaries

Here are a few of the leaders I’ve been discipling. Please pray for them as they raise their funding and begin ministry on campus. Imagine how your investment impacts these missionaries and will transform students’ lives in Christ.

THANK YOU for your prayer and financial support!! – Gregg and Erin

Austins | Discipling Missionaries


Brooks | Discipling Missionaries


Kellys | Discipling Missionaries


McRenolds | Discipling Missionaries


Quinns | Discipling Missionaries


Turleys | Discipling Missionaries


Dylan & Kayli Austin – Colorado State University – Pueblo, CO
Ryan & Kathleen Brooks – University of Illinois – Urbana, IL
Chris & Jenelle Kelly – Wayne State University – Detroit MI
Dane & Brittany McReynolds – University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Brownsville, TX
Michael & Rebekah Quinn – Harvard University – Boston MA
Luke & Tricia Turley – Loyola University Chicago – Chicago IL

Mobilizing Leaders to Reach Collegians for Christ!

Thank you for being a special part of our partnership support team. We so appreciate you!

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