ABOVE: Kudzai and Paula Musumhi (Southern IL Univ. Chi Alpha Director)

Dreams and Visions

Sekinah is an Iranian student who grew up in Islam and knew of Jesus only as a prophet. She was intent to be a true follower of Islam but was disillusioned by Islamic leaders’ hypocrisy she saw in their lives.

She came to the US to study for her master’s degree and then moved to SIU to complete her PHD. Sekinah had many health issues and became desperate for relief. The local hospital ran many tests but couldn’t discover a cause. After repeated visits to the hospital they told her not return, as they couldn’t help her. One day she was walking across campus and nearly fainted. Some of our student leaders saw her, brought her to our Chi Alpha staff pastors and they prayed. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she was healed!

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she was healed!

Sekinah was so changed that she came to our ministry with a whole bunch of cakes to give as thanks for her healing. She started attending all our various weekly meetings. In a matter of weeks Jesus revealed Himself to her in dreams and visions, and she gave her life to Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit. The power and presence of Jesus was so real in her life that she wanted to burn her Koran, prayer rug and other items, so we did. She then followed the Lord in water baptism. She is now powerfully witnessing to many Muslims.



Fired Up - December 2019 NewsletterIt was exciting to be with this new group of “fired-up” Nationally Appointed Chi Alpha missionaries recently in Springfield, MO.  They have tremendous hunger and passion for the Lord and to reach collegians with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We spent several days together sharing hearts and equipping them for their next step to pursue ministry.  These Chi Alpha leaders hailed from Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Arkansas and Michigan.  Please pray with us as I disciple them over these next many months.  Pray also that God will pour out his Spirit in their lives and ministries.



Levi Glutting
Levi Glutting
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