I recently read Mark 6 about Jesus calming the storm….

Jesus was fully aware of the disciples’ struggle in the middle of the lake. Actually, he told them to go while he stayed and prayed. I imagine he was praying for his disciples and what would come next. Hebrews tells us that Jesus is praying for you and for me, even today.

Jesus could have calmed the storm from the shore. But he went to them in the middle of the lake and then calmed the storm. For us when there is uncertainty, struggle and all the emotions that come along, there is nothing like Jesus’ presence. Being near Jesus makes all of the difference.

It was exciting to meet with all of our trainers across the U.S. last week on a Zoom call.

It was exciting to meet with all of our trainers across the U.S. last week on a Zoom call. The pictured screen shot (I should have said SMILE!) is from a Zoom “debrief” meeting. Half of the trainers were on this call and the other half were on a later call.

Early-on when covid arose, I created a virtually training that was used in March and April to replace the “normal” weekend onsite conferences. We equipped 244 entry level missionaries to raise their missions budget this summer and begin ministry this fall.

Zoom - debrief-meeting

Prayer Requests

If you have any specific prayer requests, please let us know.


Gregg’s Greeting

May the Lord’s presence be ever so real in your life today. We appreciate you!

Thank you for your investment in our ministry. Together we are raising up a new generation of missionaries to reach collegians for Christ.

We thank the Lord for you and your heart for missions! You enable us to minister in the lives of many missionaries.

Thank you for your investment of prayer and financial support!

Gregg-and-Erin-Glutting-National-Chi-Alpha-Campus-Ministries-Field-Resource-Support-Coach-and-Trainer-400 – Much love, Gregg and Erin

THANK YOU for being a SPECIAL part of our TEAM!!


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