Hopeless No More

“Die to yourself today, and gain true life for eternity,” I heard the pastor say. “Die to myself?” I thought, “what does that even mean?”. The only way I knew how to live was for myself. What did I need? What was best for me? How could I get ahead?

“Die to yourself today, and gain true life for eternity,” I heard the pastor say. “Die to myself?” I thought, “what does that even mean?”.

All my life I had been living for myself because I thought it would get me where I needed to go, wherever that was. But it only left me in a state of depression, alcohol addiction, and an overwhelming feeling that my life had no purpose. I felt worthless and hopeless, and I didn’t want to be alive anymore.

But all of that changed when I met the guys who invited me to small group, two Jesus-loving men who forever altered the course of my life. I didn’t know what it meant to live for Jesus, and I didn’t know what it meant to be a son in the Kingdom of God, but I knew that whatever it was that lived inside of these men, I wanted it to dwell within me too.

They showed me there was another way from the hell I was living in on earth, and from the hell I would have lived in for eternity, and they did it all in the name of Jesus. They’ve given me their time, effort and love. With the leadership and guidance of these men along with others, I gave my life to Jesus and He gave me the greatest gift of all: eternal life with Him in heaven.

My life now has hope and purpose: the greatest purpose of all, and it’s not my own, it’s His. I was lost, but now I am found. I was dead, but now I am alive. Jason, Sophomore, Queens College, NY.

“I was dead, but now I am alive.”

– Jason, Sophomore, Queens College, NY


Candidate Orientation: in late March, I will begin working with our next group of Chi Alpha missionaries.
Sprint: a new national XA cohort program to help some of our most challenged missionaries with the needs of their families and ministries. They are preparing this month and we will launch in April.
Awakening: pray that we’d see not just thousands, but tens of thousands of students come to faith in Jesus Christ!

Gregg’s Greeting

The power of the gospel lived out through others is an extraordinary thing. It made the difference for Jason. Discipling students who reach other students is the core of our ministry on campuses across the U.S. Your prayer and financial support enables me to disciple more collegiate missionaries who reach students for Jesus.

January 1, 2021, began my new 4-year term as an AG US Missions Chi Alpha missionary. Thank you for being a special part of our partnership support team. We so appreciate you!

Gregg-and-Erin-Glutting-National-Chi-Alpha-Campus-Ministries-Field-Resource-Support-Coach-and-Trainer-400Love in Christ,
Gregg and Erin Glutting

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