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Paul grew up as a single child with an abusive father in suburban Los Angeles, CA. From a very young age, Paul saw a lot of gangs, drugs, and alcohol abuse. In High School, Paul was on the track team but always felt like he wasn’t good enough. So he started giving in to peer pressure, doing hard drugs, and hanging out with violent people. Paul’s family claimed to be Christian but only went to church on Christmas and Easter. Paul was an atheist throughout High School. During Covid, Paul drifted into loneliness, depression and continued doing drugs.

Paul continued to party hard during his freshman fall semester at the University of South Florida (USF). To gain acceptance, he tried to be the loudest and craziest partier in the group. However, Paul began to realize that he felt empty and sick inside. One night, Paul had a dream where he saw the Lord. The Lord told him to repent of his sins and that he (Jesus) was calling him. Paul woke up the next day, recognized what had happened, and quit doing drugs and going to parties. He had a friend named Joel who had often invited him to Chi Alpha. Because of Paul’s dream, he decided to attend with Joel. Paul gave his life to Jesus in mid-September at Chi Alpha! And for the rest of his freshman year, he attended weekly small and large group meetings. Paul continues to grow strong in the Lord.   – Steven & Kasey Widner USF, XA

Gregg’s Greeting

MIRACLE! Thank you for your prayers for neck surgery last February. The surgery went well, but I developed a spinal cord hematoma that evening and became paralyzed. Erin was with me and sent emergency texts to our church and family for prayer. Thirty minutes passed, and the surgery team arrived back at the hospital. Ten minutes before going in for a second surgery, God answered prayer, and my body miraculously “came back to life.” I talked to the surgeon, and no second surgery was needed, so they wheeled me back to my room! The enemy lost, Jesus won, God is GOOD!

Prayer Requests

This summer is extra busy for me to disciple missionaries as they expand their financial partnership team. I’m working with 22 missionaries weekly, including Steven and Kasey Widner (USF). Please pray for God’s grace, insight, and wisdom. And pray for great provision and favor for each of these leaders. Thank you!

Have a blessed summer! Gregg-and-Erin-Glutting-National-Chi-Alpha-Campus-Ministries-Field-Resource-Support-Coach-and-Trainer-400
Gregg and Erin Glutting

National Field Resource
National Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Support Coach and Training Specialist


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