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Ni’s Thank You

I had the privilege to coach and disciple Ni (Nailiow) Martinez during the summer of 2023. She and her husband, Javier, live in the Central Valley (CA) area where she is doing Chi Alpha ministry. They sent this Christmas greeting to us in December. It was a surprise and joy to read, so I wanted to share it with you.


Ni has been involved with Chi Alpha for several years. She is making a tremendous impact for God’s Kingdom.

THANK YOU for your investment in us to make a difference in Ni’s life and so many other missionaries’ lives!

2024 and Beyond

What an exciting year ahead for us in university ministry! The Lord’s heart is for the brokenhearted. He weeps for the lost. Students today are more susceptible to the delusions and plans of the enemy to destroy their hearts and lives. But the truth is not far from them. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Your support paves the way for students to hear the truth and be saved. Pray for our 1500 affiliated Chi Alpha leaders so that many thousands of students will be saved and discipled through them.

Pray for me as I disciple missionaries. There is already a significant increase in the number of missionaries I’ll work with in 2024. Pray that God would produce great fruit in each life to equip them for long-term ministry in God’s Kingdom.

Gregg’s Greeting

Thank you for helping us change lives for Jesus Christ!

Gregg and Erin Glutting
Gregg & Erin Glutting
National Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Support Raising Training and Coaching Specialist
Hudsonville, MI 616.443.4377

U.S. MissionsMobilizing Leaders to Reach Collegians for Christ!


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