One of the last great opportunities for students to come to faith is during their university experience. Eighty percent (80%) of people come to Christ by age 25. Thank you for helping raise up missionaries and provide hope and eternal life to university students in America!


Black-Out Drunk

As a freshman, Katie was a Catholic but did not have a personal relationship with the Lord. She would get black-out drunk almost every weekend. She made choices that injured her heart and life, which continued in a vicious cycle.


Katie found out about a Chi Alpha Bible study led by her resident assistant on her dorm floor. She started attending, made new friends, and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Katie got saved, stopped drinking, continued to be a part of her Bible study, joined the worship team, and ultimately became a student leader with a great servant’s heart.Univ of Dayton


Unknown to Everyone Else

Hannah was a very hard atheist who had a long history of substance abuse and self-harm. She called Chi Alpha a cult and shut down anyone who would try to invite her.


After being invited multiple times to a Chi Alpha retreat, she eventually agreed to go. Unknown to everyone else, the only reason she decided to go was that she was planning on ending her life at the end of the weekend. She figured she had nothing to lose by going.


Hannah experienced God one night in worship at the retreat. Her hardness broke, and she gave her life to Christ. Two days later, she was baptized. Hannah is now ministering to others as she disciples girls through her small group Bible study. – Univ of TN

Gregg’s Greeting

Recently, one challenge has been the covid surge. Many universities went virtual for January and are opening back up in February. US Missions had to cancel the March Candidate Orientation. Although we couldn’t meet the new candidate missionaries in person in Springfield, MO, we can meet face to face through Zoom meetings! We have six missionaries that will start their training, and I will begin working with them in early March. In our following newsletter, I’ll introduce you to them. Please pray with me to connect well to help them build a strong spiritual and skill foundation for their missionary partnership development.

Gregg and Erin Glutting

National Field Resource
National Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Support Coach and Training Specialist


Mobilizing Leaders to Reach Collegians for Christ!

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